Petticoat Creek Conservation Park


City of Pickering


Pickering, Ontario



Major aquatic entertainment facility including a 750 person beach entry swimming pool, 3200 square metre wading pool, and an interactive splash pad with several water features.


The Petticoat Creek Conservation Park Outdoor Pool is one of the largest outdoor aquatic facilities in Canada. It is situated on the edge of Lake Ontario, as part of the large-scale natural conservation park, offering a unique natural corridor to 70 types of trees, a vast amount of wildlife, and immersive trails. 


Some of the features include a fully accessible beach entry pool, holding a capacity of approximately 750 people, a total of 3 children’s wading pools, and a fully-featured splash pad with interactive water features and amenities. The complete aquatic facility is controlled by ultraviolet vessels to ensure safe water chemistry for all patrons. 


BETA completed construction and commissioning of the complete complex, as a one-entity turnkey operation.